The Amazing Gospel

The Amazing Gospel, Published by Crosswind Com-
ics, A Ministry of Gospel Tract Society, PO Box 1118,
Independence, MO 64051

This is simply one of the very best recent Bible adap-
tation comics to be published. The Amazing Gospel is
an excellent adaptation of the life of Christ as pre-
sented in the Gospel of Luke and it is also very good
comics. Writer Daniel Schwabauer deftly and faith-
fully weaves the story and carefully selects Biblical
accounts for maximum impact.
Gabriel Valleʼs pencils compliments Schwabauerʼs
script perfectly. Valleʼs facial studies are warm and
very human and he also excels in figure work with
appropriate backgrounds. The Jesus portrayed here is
very human but this is also the divine miracle worker
and crucified and risen Son of God. The panel/page
layout shows a lot of visual variety, smooth transi-
tions from scene to scene, excellent composition and
an superb sense of drama. The colorists Joel Chua
and Carrol Schwabauer do a masterful job in using
computerized comic book color for full effect. Many
secular comics have a tendency to make the color too
dark so the effect is to produce a dingy and depres-
sive atmosphere. Chua and Schwabauer know when to
alternate the color scheme for bright daytime scenes,
night scenes and times of high drama. This comic
stands as a primer for top notch contemporary graphic
story telling.

The Amazing Gospel
This full size, 48 page comic book ends with an evan-
gleistic invitation and prayer. This is a great presenta-
tion of the life of Christ which challenges its readers to
make a decision to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.
This comic is being translated into other language and
prayerfully will be a great tool for presenting the sav-
ing message of our Lord to those around us and also to
those half way around the world.

(Reviewed by Don Ensign)

Crosswind Comics


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