Hand of the Morningstar

Hand of the Morningstar Advent Cover
Hand of the Morningstar, (Volume 1-Advent), (Volume 2, Resurrection), 2007, Zondervan/Lamp Post, Inc., Brett Burner (writer), Mike Miller (writer & artist), 160 pp., $9.99 each
This is a superhero team comic, but probably not like many other superhero team comics that you’ve seen. The five members have received powers from someone (something?) called the Morningstar, so they go off and do great things all over the planet. All praise goes to the Morningstar, though…they don’t take any of the praise themselves (well it does happen once…ONCE), and they do all kinds of good deeds, humanitarian aid, etc. But there is something deeper at the core of the organization that doesn’t fit just right, and we haven’t seen who this “Morningstar” person/thing is yet, so the mystery keeps getting deeper. The creator team is Brett Burner and Mike Miller from Alias Comics, so these guys know a little bit about how to tell as story! A truly intriguing take on the super hero story, and very nicely done.

Review by Steve MacDonald



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