Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes #00

Guardian Heroes #00 (May 2006). Alias Comics/Astounding
Studios, Kevin Grevioux (writer), Leonel Castellani (penciler), Eduardo Lemos (inker), $3.50, 24 pp.

Kevin Grevioux, actor and screen writer produced several comics
(The Hammer Kid, Valkyries, The Vindicators, Alivs Rex) under
his Astounding Studios imprint and published them through Alias
before the publisher left the direct sales market last year. These
books appeared as Alias was winding down and never had an
opportunity to gain any real traction in the marketplace or even
produce second issues.
The Guardian Heroes is a highly professionally produced pack-
age aimed at a pre-teen audience. The series concept is simple
and compelling. Grevioux establishes a Biblical worldview by
starting his story quoting from Genesis chapter one. He then
presents Biblical characters (Moses, Joshua, Samson, David, etc)
as “Heroes of Light” who combat the “denizens of the dark.”
In modern times we have “other heroes who fight for truth and
justice” like Donar, Imperion, Zhara, Kilowatt, Bolt and Komrade
Kazan. A Satan like character named Deadzluv (leader of The
Fallen) recruits a crowd of super villains to began his battle to
destroy mankind through its children. However a large group su-
per heroes are recruited by an angel from the “Ancient of Days”.
The angel declares, “All of your shall be assigned one of these
gifted children to mentor and protect from the Fallen and their
super-villainous minions.” This issue sets the stage and ends with
the initial battle for the lives and souls of these gifted children.
Grevioux does an excellent job of writing for a young audience
and penciler Leonel Castellani uses a high quality animation-like
style infusing the art with graphic electricity. Though Grevioux
has taken on writing assignments at Marvel I hope he finds a new
home for the Guardian Heroes. This is an excellent series that
deserves a good long run.


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  1. If anyone is interested in reading GUARDIAN HEROES but can’t get their hands on a copy, it can be downloaded for free from

  2. Thanks Bud for the info on I knew about Wowio and have downloaded a number of their comics but Guardian Heroes slipped my mind. Thanks again.


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