Son of Samson

Son of Samson Vol 1

Son of Samson, (And the Judge of God, Volume 1), (And the Daughter of Dagon Volume 2), Published by Zondervan, Gary Martin (writer), Sergio Cariello (artist), 2007, 160 pp., $9.99 each.

In a word, fun! Branan is the titular son, and he’s on a quest. Just hours after Samson’s death Branan is told that Samson was actually his father. This is the impetus for his journey, as he attempts to find the places and people that his father touched (sometimes quite literally!} during his time as judge of Israel. Sergio Cariello (Iron Ghost, Lone Ranger) opts for a looser art style than we’ve seen from him, and it works here, giving some characters that almost cartoony form and face and slightly comedic appearance. The stories showcase Branan’s strength, of course, but also his brain, and how his faith informs his decisions. Issue two introduces (at least) to characters who should make repeat appearances, if not form a company around Branan, and we also find out that there are some issues from Samson’s past that young branan just might have to deal with before the series runs its course. Sort of like Conan, without all the brooding and with more direction towards a positive goal. And less ‘lamentation of the women’.

Review by Steve MacDonald


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