Time Flyz

Time Flyz Vol 1

TimeFlyz, Vol 1 & 2, Ben Avery (writer), Adi Darda Gaudiamo (artist), Published by Zondervan, 2007, 160 pp., $9.99 each.

This is a cute little series that I had trouble getting into, maybe because the protagonist is a ten-year old girl, and I have very little in common with ten-year-old girls, for some reason. The concept is kinda cool, with cybernetic time-traveling flies and a neat little mystery of a plot that has really got me thinking. Adi Darda’s art is a great fit for this book, and the flies each have their own look, although similar enough to cause confusion until they all get sorted out, which happens pretty quickly. The plot, however, might be difficult for the target audience to follow, as it delves into history, physics, and time paradoxes, among other things, but could be a fun ride for kids who don’t take all that too seriously.

(Review by Steve MacDonald)



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