The Dreamland Chronicles

The Dreamland Chronicles

The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One, Scott Christian Sava (writer, artist), 2006, 294 pp, $19.95. This is a collection of web comics.

On a brief trip to Chicago in 2003 George Macas, Jr took me to a local comic shop and while there I discovered a comic about purple haired elves, fairies, rock men, cyclops, magic swords, and dragons with gorgeous computer generated art. Later I happened upon the web site for the The Dreamland Chronicles where the creator Scott Christian Sava was producing more pages of this elegantly produced online comic.

The Dreamland Chronicles records the adventures of Alex Carter, a college student, whose dreams take him to a world replete with castles and fantasy denizens like talking animals, elves, fairies, giants, pirates and huge, cunning and malevolent dragons. Alex gains a magic sword and armor and a romance with a beautiful elfian Princess. The story is a delightful fairy tale where the distinction between good and evil is very well defined. Alex alternates between the real world where his brother Daniel provides a geeky, but intelligent foil for the more athletic sibling. The story combines daring do adventure and romance with some philosophical and theological discussions. The Christian elements are subtle rather than overt.

The Dreamland Chronicles is a genuine publishing success with it’s wonderful 3-D like art, engaging characters and captivating storyline. The Dreamland Chronicles web site logged on 2 million unique readers by June 2007 (from its January 2006 startup). This all age comic is also one of the most accessible. You can go to the web site and view all of the 500 plus pages Sava has produced so far. Also numerous issues of The Dreamland Chronicles are available for free download from the web site. Also there is a recently released second volume that allows you to curl up with a print version. Which ever form you find most enjoyable you are in for a page turning compelling read with characters and a tale that you can honestly care about. 


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