Shelter of Wings

 Shelter of Wings cover

Shelter of Wings2006 (1st Edition),  Brethren Entertainment Media Group, Lisa Hutchinson (writer, artist), B & W, 194 pp., $14.95.

Spiritual warfare is one of the most popular genre within the Christian Comics movement. Perhaps the most notable example is the popular Archangels: The Saga produced by Cahaba Productions (formerly Eternal Studios). The notion of angels and demons battling like super heroes and super villains for the souls of man is one that translates easily into comic book or graphic novel form. It is one that seasoned and new comic book readers can readily relate to.

Lisa Hutchinson who has developed a very manga like art style has produced an excellent example of spiritual warfare comics in Shelter of Wings. Hutchinson not only draws well but her storytelling dynamics are very highly developed. This book has outstanding page to page, panel to panel action sequences that rival the best of any of its secular manga competitors. For this non-manga comics reader she is teaching me why manga is such a popular form of sequential art. Manga is a “hot” form of comics in the sense that it is very visceral—it packs a surface emotional intensity that, for the most part, western comics lack. The cartoony aspects of manga, the enormous eyes, pointy noses, spikey hair, contorted mouths, over-the-top action sequences combined with the emotional intensity of the characters make for an irresistible read for many young fans.

Shelter of Wings follows the adventures of Jenna Ruth Hadley who has just lost her mother in an auto accident. Because of this tragic event she is struggling with his faith in God as she has gone to live with her grandmother in Montana. However divine providence has plans for Jenna—plans that make her very important to the future destiny of mankind. The demonic hosts are set on thwarting those plans and the angelic realm is there to protect her. Some of the bickering and brawling among the demons add an oddly humorous element to an otherwise serious story. The story is aimed at a tween and young teen audience–perhaps mostly female- however this much older male reader looks forward to future installments of Shelter of Wings.

For those wanting to sample manga style spiritual warfare comics Shelter of Wings is a must read.


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