Manga Messiah

 Manga Messiah

Manga Messiah, (2006), Next, Hidenori Kumai (script), Kozumi Shinowaza (artist), Atsuka Ogawa (assistant artist), 288 pp, FC, $12.99

Manga Messiah is very cool! I got an advanced copy, and if you like manga (and in color. too!) then get this book! It follows the story from all four gospels synoptically; the art is by actual Japanese artists, not  just someone drawing in the manga style. The retelling is dialogue heavy, not text box heavy, as in many versions. The characters are given true human dimensions, aand everyone has a distinct look to them. The American publishers know the gospel and are making sure that this is both accurate and evengelistic. Great for sharing with those who do not know Christ but would be willing to read manga. Extremely well done! High marks.

Review by Steve MacDonald


[Note from DinoDon: I agree very strongly with Steve’s review of Manga Messiah. This is one of the very best comic adaptations of the life of Christ ever published. The manga art for this volume has an emotional immediacy and passionate impact that  fits extremely well with this gospel retelling. There are also helpful features such as an Area map detailing the places in Israel where the events of the life of Christ took place and Character profiles of the major people who were significant to the gospel stories. Excellent gift to receptive non-Christian manga fans.]

Merry Christmas.


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