Tomo(Volume 1-I Was An Eighth-Grade Ninja), (Volume 2, My Double-Edged Life), 2007, Zondervan/Funny pages Productions., Andrew Simmons (writer #1), Rob Corley (writer  #1), Jim Krueger (writer #2), Ariel Padilla (artist), 160 pp., $9.99 each

All right – the new Zondervan series that most surprised me was Tomo. It’s the story of a Japanese girl who loses her mother and comes to America to live with her grandfather…boooooooooring, right? Wrong! It has a cool fantasy element tied into it…the best yet out of the six ZVGs. I all works extremely well together for this book! There is a very cool back-story that is still a mystery after two issues, ‘real-life’ intrigue for the girl (assimilating to American culture, etc.). It’s fun, smart, action packed, and has subtle spiritual elements that seem to be growing with each issue. I can only assume that the payoff should be big. Anyway, if you like fantasy, martial arts, fish-out-of-water stories, or just a good plot fully realized in script and art, get this book!

Review by Steve MacDonald 


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