Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh, (2006), Published by Calvary Comics,

Alec Stevens, (writer & artist)48 pp, Full color, $6.95

Recently Christian artist Alec Stevens’ published a graphic novel
on the life of Sadhu Sundar Singh.
Stevens is a professional illustrator who
has worked for the several of major comic book companies.
Several years ago he came out with two issues of a comic
book called Glory to God which illustrated true stories of
famous Christians (with art by himself and others). The
graphic novel (perhaps more accurately a graphic
biography) is Steven’s most ambitious work so far
and he did an excellent job. Singh was an early 20th
century Indian evangelist who preached widely in
India, Burma, China, Japan and made trips through
Europe, Great Britain and the United States.

Singh led an extraordinary life. I found his Christian
conversion experience (he was born into a Sikh family)
similar to what a number of Muslim seekers encounter
today in closed Islamic societies. Also it is similar to the
apostle Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus.
This book is filled with fascinating accounts of the suffering
and persecution Singh experienced for his faith. Once
while traveling to Tibet he was rescued by a 300 year old
hermit who gently challenged the young evangelist’s
thinking on Christian believers being imbedded in
Roman Catholic and Hindu societies. Later in America
Singh preached sermons much to the discomfort of his
listeners rebuking rich American Christians in the early
1920s for their materialistic lifestyle. He would probably
be physically ill if he came back and saw the American
Christian church in the early 21st Century. Singh had
opportunities to meet and witness to Gandhi and
encouraged a young Corrie Ten Boom (of The Hiding Place)
in her walk with God.

Alec Stevens has done a fine service in illustrating
the life of this remarkable Christian evangelist.
This book is inspirational in the best sense of the

Originally written in July 2006


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